🤑 $60,000 in 3 Weeks With ClickBank Affiliate Marketing & Native Ads (50% ROI)

I made $60,000 in 3 weeks with ClickBank Affiliate Marketing and Native Ads (50% ROI). In this video I talk about how I got started with Native and what I’ve learned so far spending $1,000’s a day on one ClickBank offer.

Here’s the outline of this video:

0:00 My ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Stats
1:40 How Much I Spent to Make $60,000 in 3 Weeks
2:18 My Biggest Day So Far
3:20 Overview of Whats To Come
3:40 What I’m Currently Running (Traffic Sources)
4:25 What is Native Advertising?
6:02 Why I’m Loving Native So Far
7:58 Top Native Networks
8:36 Why You NEED To Be Tracking
8:58 How I Structure My Native Ads Campaigns
10:33 Understanding The Basics of Scaling
12:20 Wrap Up

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