6 Best Affiliate Marketing Spy Tools 2021 – Ranked Free to Expensive (HONEST REVIEW)

See exactly how super affiliates are running their ads with these 6 best affiliate marketing spy tools.

Best Marketing Spy Tools 👇
1. Big Spy
2. Ad Spy
3. SEM Rush
4. Similar Web
5. Moat
6. Answer The Public

0:00 – Intro
0:21 – When To Use Marketing Spy Tools
1:09 – Big Spy (Spy Tool #1)
1:59 – Big Spy Pricing
2:32 – Ad Spy (Spy Tool #2)
3:14 – Ad Spy Pricing
4:08 – SEM Rush (Spy Tool #3)
4:38 – Similar Web (Spy Tool #4)
5:46 – Moat (Spy Tool #5)
6:55 – Answer The Public (Spy Tool #6)
8:11 – Recap

Why do affiliate marketers need spy tools? They let marketers see what other marketers are having success with from ad creative, copy, and calls to action. They are a great way to find new inspiration, hooks, and angles to better connect with your audience in your advertising.

Affiliate marketing tools for beginners, These are the best affiliate marketing softwares in the business and whether you’re an affiliate marketing beginner or a seasoned pro, everyone should be using some sort of spy tool.

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