Affiliate Marketing EXPLAINED – 16 Must Know-Terms for Success | Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Depending on your experience, jargon can feel like a barrier to entry, or even another language, regardless of the industry. Affiliate marketing jargon is no different. In this video, we explain 16 commonly used marketing terms, why they matter, and what they’re used for.

If you’re curious about EPC, AOV, LTV, CPA, CTR, CPM, ROAS, PPC, OTO, VSL, TSL, ESP, CRM, and more, stay tuned. They’re not just bizarre acronyms; through practical use, they’re critical tools that help you scale, sell, and broaden your toolset.

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0:00 Intro
0:14 Earnings Per Click (EPC)
1:24 Average Order Value (AOV)
2:22 Lifetime Value (LTV)
3:47 Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
5:04 Click Through Rate (CTR)
6:20 Conversion Rate
7:43 Cost Per Million / Thousand (CPM)
9:04 Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
10:11 Pay Per Click (PPC)
10:56 Tracking Links
12:19 One Time Offer (OTO)
13:19 Landing Page
14:01 Video Sales Letter (VSL)
14:39 Text Sales Letter (TSL)
15:10 Email Service Provider (ESP)
15:47 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
16:33 Recap


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