Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Affiliate Marketing Tutorial – Why Affiliate Marketing Works?


Choosing Your Niche
The first thing you must do is decide what kind of topics you’d like to cover. This can range from things as homely as teaching people how to knit to as technical as building Printed Circuit Boards from home.

What I recommend is that you choose something that you have a keen interest or expertise in. Having a true passion in your niche will often show in your content and that will become obvious to your readers.

If you’re only interested in the money, though, there are a few niche areas that you can specifically aim for, such as Health and Wealth.

Learn About Affiliate Programs
Because of interest from both retailers as well as online marketer, it has been an increasing number of affiliate programs. Some are run individually by companies who sell products directly, while others are run by networks which act as middlemen for multiple companies.

The key to selecting the right affiliate program depends very much on the niche you choose. For example, if you were to decide to sell all type of small kitchen appliances, an affiliate network would be of more interest to you. This would give you access to a range of brands you can promote through your niche.

What you are looking out for is a good fit between your niche and the products on offer through the affiliate program. Some programs or networks specialize in certain products which may not fit into your niche and neither of you will benefit from the association.

Here are some affiliate programs you might like to have a look at just to get a general idea of them;

Commission Junction – This network affiliate has a very big selection of brands and products you can sign up for. Unfortunately, you don’t get access to all their merchants just by signing up and approval per brand is on a case by case basis.
Amazon Associates – Probably one of the most recognized programmes internationally, Amazon gives you access to all their brands and products immediately. They do require you to perform, however, and if you don’t get any sales within a specified time period, they will drop you.
Clickbank – Yet another big name in the affiliate industry, Clickbank is very much focused on digital downloads and software. If this is your niche, they are a good choice since they cater to millions of clients around the globe.

Building a Website
Once you’ve decided a niche and made a shortlist of which affiliate programs or networks would be a good fit for you, it is time to make your own website – the bait. Your website is what will hold the content that draws visitors to your site.

Funnel Content
Funnel content helps you cast a wider net and direct people into your sale content. Let’s say you are trying to sell a blender and have an article on the latest one available and how great it is. Your funnel content could be a series of articles on creative uses of blenders, or a list of the top five blenders money can buy. From there, you would direct them to your blender review page and thus, the sale.

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