Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Step-By-Step Tutorial

Check out our affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners. We have a step-by-step affiliate marketing tutorial updated for 2019. When you are trying to make money with affiliate marketing, it can be extremely difficult to get started. It takes a lot of work and you might have no clue about how to select a niche market, how to create a website, how to get traffic to your website, how to get accepted to the top affiliate marketing programs, and more. Our tutorial will help you learn the steps you need to get started.

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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2019:

1 – Understand Your Goals

Your three main goals are to create content, grow your website traffic, and build an audience. You cannot grow your traffic or grow an audience without useful and relevant content.

2 – Select an Affiliate Marketing Niche Market

There are thousands of niche markets to choose from. I chose beach decor and farmhouse decor. Use Amazon product categories, eBay product categories, ShareASale product categories, and popular Clickbank products for some guidance.

3 – Research Keyword to Find Your Top 50 Keywords

Use the Google Keyword Planner or UberSuggest to find the top 50 keywords for your niche market.

4 – Create a Website and Register a Domain Name

Use a hosting provider like Bluehost to sign-up for a hosting plan. You will usually get a free domain with your plan. Sign-up for hosting, register your domain name, and install a website provider like WordPress. Your domain name should be descriptive and unique.

5 – Create Social Media Accounts and an Email List

Create social media accounts for your new website on the top social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. You will be sharing your content to social media. In addition, create an email list using a provider like Mailchimp.

6 – Install Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are free tools that will allow you to monitor your website traffic and monitor your website performance in the Google search engine.

7 – Create Content On Your Website around the Top 50 Keywords

Create content based on your top 50 keywords. Create a content creation plan so you can add 50 high-quality blog articles over a 3-4 month span. Outsource content creation if you need help. This is the most challenging step!

8 – Apply for Affiliate Networks and Google AdSense

As you start getting traffic, apply for affiliate networks and Google AdSense. You can start monetizing your website traffic, but you need traffic before you will earn any money.

9 – Create and Share Your Content Every Single Day

Affiliate marketing is not easy. I don’t like when so-called experts and gurus promise $200+ per day in a short period of time because it is unrealistic and unsustainable. I try to create content every single morning and share my content on social media and to my email subscribers.

10 – Keep working hard, keep working smart, and you will succeed

Learn WordPress, learn how to create content, learn social media strategies, learn traffic strategies, learn search engine optimization, learn email marketing, and keep working on your content every day. I promise you will succeed.

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