Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest|Tutorial for Beginners Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest

Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest|Tutorial for Beginners Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest
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Pinterest Affiliate Marketing is a great way to increase your revenue to your business, especially if you are in a niche that is a popular category on Pinterest. Affiliate Marketing can be difficult and the main key is to be consistent and to keep increasing clicks to your website and to the merchants you are advertising for. The more eyeballs you can capture and the more clicks you can continuously drive every day, week, and month, the more you can ultimately earn with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing.

Here Is a (3) Step Recipe to show you exactly how to make up to $20,000 a week online without using Clickbank. Check this out. I’m doing $85,000 a month with one single affiliate program.

If you want to learn, we’re going to do it right now.

I’m gonna be talking to you about my method that I’m using right now to earn up to $20,000 per week on the Internet without even using Clickbank.

I’m gonna show you that right here in the video my current Monthly Run Rate (MRR). So how much money I’m projected to make this month is $85,272.00. So that’s a little over $20,000 per week. That’s what I’m projected to make right now with this affiliate program. In the last 30 days, I’ve been paid $67,45.71. And my lifetime earnings are $1.8 million.

This is not Clickbank…

This is a company called Clickfunnels.

And there’s a method to this. And there’s a reason why this works.

So number one…

Find a great affiliate program for software.

Because software is something that typically once people start using, they don’t stop using. We call this the sticky effect. This is where somebody buy something and you can’t cancel it or want to cancel it because you need it.

The second thing is…

Make sure that software is a monthly recurring charge or fee.

This is one of the smartest ways that you can go about affiliate marketing.

If you’re brand new, you’ve never done this before and you’re thinking yourself like I’m seeing all these videos on Instagram and Youtube, Facebook about all this stuff, where do I start? This is the foundation for success.

The foundation for success is making sure that when you work hard to make a sale, that you’re not having to every single month start at zero. When you have recurring income, you don’t start at zero every month.


What’s important about this is understanding you don’t want to start at zero every single month.

So the second thing…

Make sure that the software has a monthly recurring charge or fee.

And then the third thing…

Make sure you understand what you’re selling and you educate your customers.

These three methods…

(1) Finding a great affiliate program for a software.

(2) Making sure that that software has a monthly recurring charge…super important.

(3) And then make sure that you understand what you’re selling and that you offer to educate your customers so that they know what it is they bought, they know how to use it.

These three things are the recipe that I have used to generate $20,000 per week with one single affiliate program.

Not on Clickbank.

If you follow this…

this is the recipe for continuing to duplicate this type of success.


If you would like me to do a lot of the educating for you, if you would like for me to be the one to teach people how to use different softwares and educate them and even actually sell them the softwares for you. There’s a link right below for our Partner With Anthony (PWA) program [ where it shows you how it works and why it works and what it’s for. You can join up and you can actually work with me and you’ll become an affiliate of this very this very company called Clickfunnels and, as well as, many different software and things that people really need in order to be successful online.

And what will happen is…

I will educate all of the people that you send in.

I will educate them, I will sell them but I will not earn any commissions for it.

You will earn all the commission’s!

That’s why we call it the Partner With Anthony program (PWA) basically I do the educating and selling and you simply bring the people in. It’s a simple concept. It’s a simple process.

So what you should do right now…

if you’d like to be a part of our Partner With Anthony program (PWA) or just get more information on it check it out. Click the link if you’re interested in our Partner With Anthony program (PWA) and I’ll see where we teach you more about how you can profit have success and do affiliate marketing the right way.

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