Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2021 (Step by Step)

In the past month using existing websites and videos, without actively doing anything to promote affiliate offers, I was able to generate a little over $2,000. This is amazing considering it all came from offers I put together in the past, and haven’t worked on recently. This is truly passive income.

In 2021 I’m stepping up my affiliate game by systematizing and outsourcing a niche website, but I wanted to share the basic of how to get started if you want to begin making money with affiliate marketing.

Video Chapters:
0:44 – Introduction to affiliate marketing
2:43 – How to selecting an affiliate niche
5:02 – Real life examples of affiliate products you can promote
8:39 – Guide for finding affiliate programs
13:18 – 3 methods to promote affiliate offers
17:31 – How to create your first affiliate website

These are the same basic steps I use today, and how I recommend you go about getting your feet wet.

This video is a deep dive into getting started with affiliate marketing in 2021. There are a ton of resources I mentioned in this video and you can find the links to all of them below:

Recommended Marketplace:

Recommended Web Host:

Recommended WordPress Theme:

Affiliate Website Case Study:

WordPress Dashboard Walkthrough:


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