Affiliate Marketing Tutorial: How I Made ($72,835) online with Affiliate Marketing [Step by Step]

In this Affiliate Marketing Tutorial, I have explained in detail How I was able to make over $72,000 in just a short time. I still consider myself new to the whole affiliate marketing thing but in this short time, I can boldly call myself a success story in the Affiliate Marketing Sphere.

One of the many methods I employed is what I have packages in this step by a step video tutorial which will benefit everyone looking to make money as an affiliate marketer in 2021 and beyond.

Affiliate marketing in my personal opinion and experience is the best way to make money online as it is based on the passive income business model. This means that you only have to set up the platform once, sit back relax and your little effort will produce the maximum result on a consistent basis.
You only need to understand the small things that must be put in place.

In this video, I took you through

getting your affiliate link
Picking a niche
getting the right keywords using a special keyword research strategy
getting your article written
publishing this article on a free platform
sending targeted traffic to this article
wait for the magic to happen

This is really as simple as I have made it look and this video will further prove that to you.

For the avoidance of doubt, let me explain what affiliate marketing is.
This is a business model where you are provided a unique link and when a sale is made from someone who followed your link, you will earn a pre-determined commission. There are various Affiliate marketing platforms that you can join like Clickbank and Digistore. This step by step tutorial is based on Digistore but the approach is applicable on all platforms. as a matter of fact, the products I used in this tutorial are available on both Clickbank and DigiStore. This link will help you understand affiliate marketing in details or if you prefer to read

Affiliate Marketing involves you setting up an account, getting your link, getting traffic to this link, and then get a commission once a sale is made. All aspects are pretty very easy except the traffic part mainly because traffic has to be targeted for maximum conversion. This is exactly why you will find this video very interesting and helpful as it shows you exactly how.

I can assure you that this video is as good as if not better than any affiliate marketing course you will ever get out there and I have made it very detailed and also provided proof of my earnings.

I hope you find it very interesting.

Umeh Gerald Offordile
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The one I like most is being called an internet entrepreneur because it comes with vouchers.
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Umeh Gerald Offordile

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