Affiliate Marketing Website UPDATE! Year 2 Profits Revealed

This affiliate marketing website is just 2 years old. How much money is it making? How much traffic does it get? Get all the results from my affiliate marketing case study website in this video.

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Here are the affiliate marketing tools and trainings:

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2) Free Affiliate Marketing Training –

3) Jarvis the AI –

4) How to write blog posts FAST with Jarvis –

5) How to choose your niche –

6) How to start a blog –

7) Additional Affiliate marketing resources –

8) Where this affiliate marketing case study began… Video #1 from Month #1 –

Now, in the video you are going to follow along as we discussed all of the important numbers around this affiliate marketing business that I built from scratch in two years.

It starts with looking at the current revenue from a monthly perspective. You will learn exactly how much money my affiliate marketing website is making today.

Then we look at how much money the website has brought in from all two years combined.

Now it took nine months for this website and about 80 posts before I earn my first $100 with affiliate marketing on this website.

In total I’ve published over 150 posts and I cover the growth of my income as it is mapped on the same graph as the number of blog posts I have published.

With affiliate marketing your income is going to be directly tied to how many high-value posts you publish that are targeted to great keywords your audience is searching for.

From here we look in to the Google analytics so you can see the exact amount of traffic that I’m getting currently and from the entire two year time span this affiliate marketing site has been growing.

You will see that I got hit by Google’s December 2020 out rhythm update which was targeting review websites and affiliates.

You will also see that I have recovered and you will learn exactly what steps I am taking in order to recover my rankings from this Google algorithm change.

All and all the point of this video is to help you gain clear perspective on what it takes to create a successful affiliate marketing website online.

There are so many gurus trying to tell you that it’s fast and easy to build a website that makes $10,000 per month through affiliate marketing.

I had over nine years experience as a full-time digital marketer online and 16 years experience making money online before I ever started this website.

The entire plan for this website was to show you in plain view exactly how much time, energy, posts and effort it takes to build a successful affiliate marketing website.

To repeat it took me over nine months to generate my first $100 with this website.

Most people quit affiliate marketing to early and they think there is something wrong when they have been publishing for four months straight and they are not seeing results.

My goal with this case study is to show you that this is completely normal so you can have the correct perspective when it comes to building your affiliate website.

If you have any questions for me about affiliate marketing or this video, just leave me a comment below.

Thanks for watching.

Miles Beckler

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