Amazon Affiliate Marketing Product Research Bangla Tutorial – Practically Explained

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Bangla Tutorial – Product Research Step by step Process.

Topic: How To Find the Perfect Product/Niche for Amazon Affiliate Marketing (Detailed)

We described the full process of finding the best niche for amazon affiliate marketing.

It’s stiff competition on Amazon Affiliate. Whatever product you think of has already been biased. You aren’t alone. Most Amazon Affiliate Marketers (especially the new ones) struggle to find profitable product opportunities.

When I first started Amazon Affiliate Marketing, I was like, “How the heck is a newbie gonna make big here?. There’s so much competition..“. But I was wrong!

There’re a million of product opportunities out there only if you know how to unearth them.

Ideally, During Product Research for Amazon Affiliate, You Should Focus on –

1. Consumer Demand
2. Customer Rating
3. Good Price Range
4. No seasonality impact
5. Avoiding Trending Items (Especially for Affiliate Marketing But not for FBA )
6. Explore Google Trends, Google trends help you to discover the trending keywords or topics region-wise. Since Google trends are based on data from the world’s largest search engine (Google), therefore, it’s reliable, to say the least.
7. Browse Amazon Best Sellers
8. eBay Product Categories
9. Get Ideas from Youtube, Pinterest, Forums, and from Authority Websites.

Product research is a time-consuming process. I agree with that, completely. And, to make the matter worse, it isn’t easy. But, with the ideas described above, you’ve got to know what & how to find high demand low competition products. The path is clear. Now, all you need to do is to implement those ideas. Yes, implementation is essential.

Start with one strategy at a time & then move to the other. Look at what works best for you. Repeat the successful procedure with more products.

I’m sure that after implementing the strategies mentioned above, you’ll become a better Affiliate Marketer with more confidence, which leads you high-profit margins.

Remember Again, Amazon Affiliate Marketing is the most reliable way of Passive Income. To Achieve this goal, You have to have massive patience with proper skill, Continue Hard work, Proper Mind Set, and adequate time management.
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