Anthony Clint Jr. Talks TV & Film Licensing Secrets, Affiliate Marketing, Productivity Apps + More

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My guest for this week is one of the most versatile music producers in the industry. I’m joined by Anthony Clint Jr., SESAC affiliated producer, songwriter, musician, and the founding CEO of Clint Productions LLC.

His career path is fascinating because his success is spreading across many different sections of the music industry. Selling sound packs and kits, affiliate marketing, producing for both indie and major artists, courses, consultations… He’s done it all!

But the main thing that I wanted to talk to him about today was a particularly intriguing topic for aspiring music producers all around the world – sync licensing.

Clint was first introduced to music licensing back in 2006 when he learned about Taxi. It’s an online platform that helps artists get placements by connecting them with film and TV music supervisors, music libraries, ad agencies, and various other places.

Over the years, Clint became an expert in the field, and one of his passions is teaching young producers about how to get ahead in the music licensing game.

If you’ve ever wondered about how to grow your music career with sync licensing, you should be able to find answers to all of your burning questions in today’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

00:00 Intro
00:59 How Clint first got into sync licensing
05:24 The joys of helping other artists get results
06:58 The biggest mistakes artists make when trying to break into the world of music licensing
09:37 Top tips for finding music libraries
13:12 How to write music for TV and film placements
15:15 How long does it take for royalties to come in?
19:02 Why is it so important to manage expectations with music licensing
20:39 Different ways of creating streams of revenue in the music industry
21:49 Tips on doing affiliate marketing in the music industry
25:10 Creating YouTube monetization set up
26:21 How to balance work and family life
28:04 Saving time by batching your tasks
30:02 Best productivity apps for music producers
37:15 Pivoting from real-life to virtual events

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