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1. Inviting person; register the game ID after downloading the game; this will count as an invited customer. For example: 1 = 10 rupees
2. For example: the user bet: 100rupee; the user wins 1:0.95=195rupee; 5*30%=1.5rupee’s agency revenue, for example: the user’s bet amount does not win, and the agency has no revenue.
3. Invite 5 users to register for the game and immediately get 50rs, cumulatively 10 users continue to get 150rs, cumulatively 20 users register to continue to get 500rs, and successfully invite 20 users to get cumulatively 700rs+
How to make money in Dragon Tiger games

If the bet on “Dragon” is not won, increase the bet amount; continue to bet on “Dragon”.
2. If you win after increasing the amount, continue to choose 10 to start betting.
3. If there is a “tie”, the system will automatically refund the principal and continue to use this amount to bet in the next round.

“Betting Formula
bet1: 10 rs
bet2: 30 rs
bet3: 70 rs
bet4: Rs 150
bet5: Rs 350
bet6: Rs 800
If the “Dragon” bet is not won, the bet amount is increased. If you increase the number of winning bets, please continue to select 10 to start betting.
If there is a “tie”, the system will automatically refund the principal and continue to use that amount to bet in the next round

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