Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Scam | Bizgurukul Scam explained with Proofs | Ebiz like MLM scam

In this video we are going to talk about Bizgurukul scam
Bizgurukul states its an E learning platform where you can learn digital marketing youtube mastermind instagram mastermind
but the fact is its just a scam like EBIz a Network marketing scam
bizgurukul is using Afillate Marketing system as a scam it showing fake screenshots of payments made and members are also faking about what they earned
goverment is about to ban MLM or network marketing scam thats why these scammers are using new method to fool people in the name of digital marketing
I’ll show you how these courses are a hoax and lie will also provide proofs of these courses as scam
Ebizgurukul is not using Afillate Marketing system it’s basically a Network marketing system just removing the passive income part
stay safe from these scams its your hard earned money
Ebiz is just like Bizgurukul
type RIP for ebiz

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