Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Tutorial in Hindi,Urdu | Promote Clickbank Products on Facebook

In this Clickbank Tutorial I am going to Show you Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Tutorial in Hindi,Urdu, Promote Clickbank Products on Facebook and get sales on clickbank account. You might be thinking that Clickbank Affiliate Marketing is good for you or not in these days. In my opinion, clickbank is the most amazing and powerful affiliate marketing platform from which you can promote affiliate products and earn huge commissions.

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Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Tutorial in Hindi Urdu:

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You can promote clickbank product on facebook with my secret method. Its not a common method, its my personal method to get good number of sales from Facebook by promoting specific clickbank product. This product has a commission value of $49.90 per sale. So if you get only one client per day, then i think you can make $1500 per day from clickbank easily.

Nothing is impossible. I already shared lot of clickbank promotion methods in my previous videos. I have shared the links of those clickbank methods above. You can promote this product on Google as well, In my previous video i have shared Google method to promote clickbank products. Affiliate marketing is the best business these days, because lot of physical businesses are down, and you have the chance to get huge commissions from clickbank products.

So how this is how we are going to promote our clickbank product step by step on Facebook.

1- We have to select a product that is perfect for promotion on facebook. This product is related to Batteries. So after selection of product, you have to grab affiliate link of that product and shorten it.

2- Then we are going to Facebook and search Car Workshops in facebook search. Then you will find lot of Facebook groups related to that niche.

3- Then we are going to join those Facebook groups.

4- After joining the groups, you have to post here about the product without adding affiliate link.

5- When someone needs information about your affiliate product then you can send that Clickbank Affiliate Product link in the message seciton.

That is the whole process to promote your clickbank affiliate products on Facebook.

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