ClickFunnels: 3 Ways to Change Video Size

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2nd way: 1:10

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Hey all! So last post, we CRACKED the code and determined what the ClickFunnels default font is… quite a mystery solved, I almost feel like Sherlock Holmes!

And even though changing video size is pretty straight-forward, there are 3 different ways it could be done, and to avoid all confusion and misunderstanding, I am here to tell you those 3 ways!

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Way #1: When you click on the video gear icon, right under ‘styles’, and to the right of ‘width’, select how big you want the video to be.
It can be 100% of size, 75% of size, or 50% of size. Those are your only options with this way.

Way #2: When you click on the video gear icon, under ‘configuration’ to the right of ‘custom height’ and ‘custom width’, simply put in the dimensions that you want your video to have (only works if you are using YouTube, Wistia, or Vimeo to upload your video).

It is important to realize that these numbers are RELATIVE to one another. So whether you put in 1:1 or 500:500, the video will look exactly the same. In a video, the width is usually wider than the height, so make your height have a lesser number than your width.

This way is kinda slow because to see the results, you need to click ‘save’, and then ‘preview’… so if you are experimenting… that’s a lot of button clicks. Last but not least…

Way #3: Click on the ‘columns’ option on the right-hand side, and select your video. Under ‘padding’, and to the right of ‘left/right’, scroll to the size you want your video to be. Simple as can be!

That’s all folks!

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