Clickfunnels For Service Business – How To Make Huge Profits Selling Physical Products

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Clickfunnels For Service Business – How To Make Huge Profits Selling Physical Products

In this video, watch me edit a funnel template and make a physical product sales funnel that can accompany your service.

Selling physical products is a great way to create passive income for your service business.

Plus it’s a great way to increase your revenue and serve your clients more.

The best part is that these sales funnels can be setup quickly in less than an hour and since it’s an addon you can allow it to grow over time.

Then you can take the data you’ve gathered on your customers and use it to scale your service business via social media and google/youtube.

You don’t even need a fancy sales page. Just a good offer that people actually want.

If you are curious about how to create a sale page that converts? A sales page is all about your ideal customer and what you can do to solve their problem(s).

A good place to start is to find your competitors and identify what’s working for them that you can re-create into your own sales funnel that makes money on autopilot If you want to know how to build a sales funnel, this is the place to start to increase your leads and sales online.

If you are new to the channel A “sales funnel” are steps that someone must take in order to become your customer.

We use Clickfunnels to create this process online and automate it.

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