ClickFunnels: How to Add a Favicon in 2020

In this quick tutorial video, I show you how you can add a favicon to your ClickFunnels sales funnel. This will add a very professional touch to your funnel.

What is a favicon? A favicon is basically a logo or symbol of your page that shows up on your browser tab at the top of your page. It’s a very small detail, but in a competitive environment like selling ecommerce or selling digital product like courses, those little things matter. Adding a favicon to your Clickfunnels sales funnel will give you a lot more credibility and will have a positive influence on your conversion rates and ROAs.

The first thing you need to do is creating a favicon. Choose a size of 500×500 px. Save it on your computer. After that, go to the Clickfunnels settings and head over to the assets tab. Upload your image and name it. Then copy the favicon asset path and go to your Clickfunnels sales funnel. In the Clickfunnels funnel setting enter the favicon asset path.

Don’t forget to safe. Sometimes it might take a day or two to update the favicon of your funnel. So don’t wait until the last moment to change the funnel favicon.

That’s it!

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