ClickFunnels: How to Add Animations to Anything

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Why should you use animations?: 0:30

Explaining your animation options: 1:05

Setting up sample animations: 2:20

Making right and left elements animated at same time: 3:50

Final preview of animations: 10:27

Hello again everyone!

In this post, I wanted to share something more interesting and… engaging with you! How to add animations to ANYTHING in ClickFunnels!

Let’s just straight in – how YOU can add animations to anything in ClickFunnels!

1) Log into ClickFunnels and click ‘edit’ on the page you want to edit and have animations in.

2) You can animate literally anything. Click on the gear icon of whatever it is you want to animate. If I want to animate my YouTube video, I will click the gear icon of the video.

3) Scroll down to the part where it says ‘time delay-hidden until triggered’, or ‘animations-for style’.

OK, so we got this far.

There is a tiny difference between time delay and animations for style.

You may have guessed it yourself already – time delay animations will take place after a certain time period, no matter whether you scroll or not. In addition, the effects are quite limited, only having ‘fade in’, or ‘fade in with scale’ options.

In comparison, the ‘animations-for style’ have ‘fade in’, ‘fade in with scale’, ‘fade from right’, ‘fade from left’, ‘fade from bottom’, and ‘fade from top’.

That is really the only difference between the two. But let’s keep going.

4) Select the option you want – time delay or animation for style. They both require the same inputs to function, so I will describe the animation for style for the purposes of this example.

5) To the right of ‘trigger’, select how you want the element/column/section to animate – ‘on scroll’, or ‘on page load’. ‘On page load’ animation will trigger the animation after a certain time period right after the page loads. ‘On scroll’ animation will trigger as soon as you scroll in that area.

6) For ‘style’, select how you want the animation to come in. The description precisely details how the animation will come in, whether it’s ‘fade from right’ (where it just appears from your right as you scroll or page loads), or ‘fade from bottom’ (where it does the same thing as ‘fade from right’…. but just from the bottom).

7) Type in the milliseconds you want to pass before the animation triggers. Remember, this area is in MILLISECONDS, so if you want the animation to come in after 2 seconds, type in 2000 for the ‘delay (MS)’ field.

8) Click ‘save’ and then ‘preview’! Your page should now show the animations.

That’s it folks! That’s how you add animations.

Remember, you can add these to any element on your page.

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Stay tuned as I will do more how to videos to help YOU with your own affiliate marketing!

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