ClickFunnels Order Bumps are EXTREMELY Important! (Do Them Now) – Day 11

Order bumps in clickfunnels are one easy strategy you can use in your shopify dropshipping business to be able to make more profit per sale and allow you to spend more in your facebook ads!

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Yo Pirates!

In this video, we’re gonna go through an amazing feature in ClickFunnels that you probably haven’t even heard of until today if you’re a beginner to clickfunnels and sales funnels. It’s called an order bump, and with it, you can give your customers an extra option during the checkout process and it can make you A LOT more profit per sale.

Consider this: For an additional fee, your shopify dropshipping customers gain an exclusive deal of having their orders climb up your priority list and are given the promise of a shortened delivery period and all they need to do is check a box at checkout.

YES, this is totally doable, and you won’t even need to spend anything to get it done! This feature is included in ClickFunnels and its one of the best features of clickfunnels vs shopify and clickfunnels vs commercehq

In this clickfunnels tutorial I also give you ideas for order bumps for clickfunnels. order bump clickfunnels

So the order bump goes on the clickfunnels order form and it’s different to a shopify landing page.

On top of that, it allows you to decrease your BE ROAS, so you can spend more on ads and keep them on for longer!


Need any help with order bumps and/or ClickFunnels? Let me know in the comments below!

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