Clickfunnels Review 2021 😱 Is it Still Worth Getting?

Clickfunnels Review 2021 😱 Is it still worth getting? You decide! Test drive Clickfunnels for free here Or for my favourite cheaper alternative, check out

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0:33 – Is Clickfunnels worth it in 2021?
1:22 – Clickfunnels Free Trial
1:52 – What to expect when joining
3:21 – Clickfunnels Upsells
3:45 – Free Funnel Hacker T-shirt
4:06 – Clickfunnels Dashboard
4:44 – Building a Sales Funnel
5:11 – Funnel Templates
6:35 – Clickfunnels Page Builder
7:55 – Split Testing a Page
9:18 – Building a Membership Site
13:25 – Backpack Actionetics
14:10 – Clickfunnels Affiliate Program
14:38 – Clickfunnels Dream Car Program
16:43 – My Honest Opinion

Clickfunnels is the godfather of sales funnels, there’s no doubt. Russell Brunson created the software that no one else was doing, giving the power to the business owners rather than the web developers. But that movement started over 5 years ago and there are many other competitors in town. So is Clickfunnels still the king?

If you’d prefer read this then watch, then I’ll skip to the point. In this Clickfunnels review, I talk about the Clickfunnels Pricing, Culture they’ve created, features and limitations. They are definitely still the most polished sales funnel software available, but they are premium priced.

While most people don’t actually require the power and level of polish that Clickfunnels provides, most still stay active for the culture. Personally, sales funnels are just a piece of the puzzle of my business and I don’t necessarily need to pay $297 to have features that I could get with a $27 software (affiliate programs for memberships).

However, if you are someone who is making money and just wants the easiest and best way to convert your audience into customers, or maybe you’re a funnel hacker and you build funnels for companies, then Clickfunnels could be right down your alley.

Whatever the reason, there are cases to use Clickfunnels, and cases where you could use something less expensive with the same if not more functionality. Personally, I love using this Systeme as it’s a super low entry point $27 which allows my students to start making results, without having to spend so much money on software!

Regardless, I hope this Clickfunnels review opens your eyes to the software and other options. If you liked the video, make sure you smash the thumbs up button and subscribe to the channel for more product reviews, comparisons and launches!
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