ClickFunnels Review Video Alert| Don't Buy ClickFunnels- Top 5 Reasons

I have a love – hate relationship with this software provider, but this honest ClickFunnels Review will help you decide if this software is right for you. If Your considering CF, then you need to watch this honest ClickFunnels review video for 2017 before you buy it.

Please don’t buy ClickFunnels by Russell Brunson until you’ve seen this ClickFunnels video review.

In this video review, I’m going to talk about why ClickFunnels changed my business, if it’s the best website builder or not, and if it’s worth the price and cost. Plus, a walk-through of some of the features that ClickFunnels has that will allow you to build a webinar funnels.

Now for the negative; I no longer recommend ClickFunnels. In this honest ClickFunnels review of reviews I only outline the cons of the program created by Russell Brunson.

Now is it the real deal or scam? And is worth the price and cost? The short answer is yes and no. Yes, it’s the ClickFunnels is the real deal and no, it’s not worth the price.

It can help you start making your own internet business today, giving immediate access to sales funnels, webinar funnels, and lunch funnels.

I personally tried multiple capture page & funnel builders and I was not fully satisfied until I joined ClickFunnels so it’s no surprise over the past 12 months a new tool called ClickFunnels has taken over the internet. It rapid adoption across the marketing community is what drew me to the software and lend to this ClickFunnels review video.

Even though ClickFunnels is the real deal I hand to make this ClickFunnels review outing my honest opinion of ClickFunnels and its potential for success. All of these marketing funnels above can be built in ClickFunnels in a very short timeframe, but the big drawback is the ClickFunnels Price.

This account will give you access for 2 full weeks so you can look under the hood and have some fun with ClickFunnels. I’ll let the trial speak for itself, however I still strongly recommend you don’t buy ClickFunnels by Russell Brunson; be sure to watch the full ClickFunnels review video to find out why.

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