ClickFunnels to Odoo: Using FREE Odoo Community to Easily Create High Converting Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels is an easy to use sales funnel builder. Unfortunately it has quite a few limitations, is closed-source, and is a paid solution. While there are a few alternatives to ClickFunnels, perhaps none offer such a rich platform as Odoo.

Odoo is a powerful OPEN SOURCE business application platform with a newly re-designed web builder. In this video learn how you can create a simple sales funnel in Odoo. Along the way see some of the powerful features of Odoo

Odoo is not just a funnel / website builder. Odoo’s foundation came in accounting, inventory and manufacturing well more than a decade ago. With a powerful open source framework, Odoo has become the #1 open source business platform.

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Why would I want an alternative to ClickFunnels?
– ClickFunnels is a closed source platform… you have no options to modify functionality
– ClickFunnels is a paid platform. The Community Edition of Odoo is free
– ClickFunnels has limited functionality and scope
– ClickFunnels has very few free themes

Why should I use ClickFunnels?

– It is one of the easiest platforms for creating sales funnels with little or no training
– ClickFunnels is focused on making high converting sales pages
– ClickFunnels has incredible digital marketing tools, coaching and training
– A community focused on entrepreneurship and making $$$ with technology

For people new to digital marketing and technology I highly recommend the ClickFunnels platform. I have started created special training and coaching that will help you create the most powerful money making platform based on Odoo open source.

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Greg is author of Working with Odoo, Learn Odoo and has created more than 200 Odoo related courses. Greg is also a ClickFunnels expert and has produced numerous commercial funnels.

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