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I love CF and I promote it as well it’s a great funnel builder but I can have everything in one place with DropFunnels so there really isn’t a comparison. I made this video of ClickFunnels vs DropFunnels to show you what both sides look.

This might sound crazy but there isn’t a comparison between the 2 because DropFunnels has so much more but I want to compare the funnel side of both, I figured that was fair.

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Clickfunnels is pretty easy to use but I find it not very convenient. Their customer support isn’t the best though. They do have a good affiliate commission program because there are more products for someone to purchase but as far as comparing it to DropFunnels the best is pretty obvious in my opinion.

DropFunnels has so much in it! As far as just the funnel builder goes I love the look, the steps you take to actually build the funnel is so easy. I did mention there aren’t as many templates but they have added a ton since I even made this video. It is actually pretty fun to use, funnel building is no longer boring.

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🚀 Video Sections:
0:00 Intro to Clickfunnels vs Dropfunnels
0:40 Why I am comparing the two
2:50 ClickFunnels tutorial
6:30 Dropfunnels tutorial

It has been said that DropFunnels is a ClickFunnels alternative but I really don’t feel that way because DropFunnels is an entire Business Marketplace or some call it a Business Platform.

The functions seem to work better in DropFunnels. One example I talk about ClickFunnels builder being slow but when you run a speed test on the same funnel in both builders ClickFunnels is always a C or D and DropFunnels is always an A. (Usually under 2 seconds)

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