ClickFunnels vs GetResponse In 2021

YOU NEED A SALES FUNNEL, but can GetResponse deliver a sales funnel software that is comparable to ClickFunnels? Today I will be sharing a review with you all on GetResponse for building out sales funnels – as an alternative to Clickfunnels.

Many of us know that Clickfunnels has held the Championship belt in the sales funnel arena but we also know that there are many sales funnel building alternatives out there rising!! Can GetResponse really compare?? Lets find out!

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If you are looking to build any of the following then you will need to get yourself a sales funnel:
– Webinars
– Ecommerce
– Landing Pages
– Landing Pages for Clients
– Online Courses
– Create Optin Forms
– Product Sales Pages
– Sell Digital Products
– Basically if you do anything online you will eventually need a sales funnel.

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If you can’t afford to start an online business and you’re fed of people trying to pitch you a Webinar or a “Master Class” lol with a cheeky $2000 product at the end of it, I’ve found something which may be of interest.

My Daily Choice are offering you the opportunity to become a part of their business. They are basically taking any beginner out there under their wing and it’s completely free.

They’ll give you your own landing page/website, online tutorials, coaching etc.. and it’s all completely free. The information in their is worth the same as what most of these traditional online courses will charge $2000 for. (and that’s before they mention to you later on that you have to purchase ClickFunnels for $97p/m, getresponse for your email marketing for $49p/m, signing up to Bluehost for $100) I think you get the general idea.

Becoming a part of My Daily Choice is suitable for any beginner out there that don’t want to waste any more starting a traditional online business. Here’s the link below to get started.


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