Clickfunnels VS Groovefunnels… YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!

HI, my name is Paul, and I’m an entrepreneur… I’ve been so for almost 15 years.
And in those 15 years, one of the things I learned… is that you ABSOLUTELY 100% need an online presence… independently of what you do…
And, right now, we all have to generate income online… it’s either that or…
But, you already know this…
That’s why you have already ventured into the online marketing business world… and you probably have some time ahead of me on this one…
But that means that your decision about WHAT SOFTWARE TO USE was made a long time ago…
You’ve spent time and money on it… and you’re probably happy with your digital setup, duct tape and all… fact is, every month you’re getting bills for these services, and it’s NOT going to stop…
If you’re using Clickfunnels, you’re paying USD $3600 a year just for that… plus duct taping a couple of other integrations you need… Every year… FOREVEEEEEER.
And I’m not saying they’re not worth it.
It should be a sustainable cost that your business has… but.
Wouldn’t you like for it to be gone?
Well, let me tell you something.
I was in my quest to define the software I was going to use for my online business,
I checked out ClickFunnels,
I thought they’re very good, Market leaders and they offer a looooot of training.
Problem is: to have all the software functionalities, they charge you USD $300 per month for life… and they own your page. So basically you marry them, and the day you want to leave, you leave with nothing…
I checked out Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Kartra, Kajabi, teachable, thinkific, leadpages and a couple of other ones… They were all good, but in one aspect or the other, not exactly what I was looking for. Either too complicated to use, too expensive or lacking some very needed functionalities…
But then… I made a NEW and exciting discovery.
I found the new sheriff in town.
I found the Groove…
Groovefunnels, Groovepages, Groovesell, Groovemail, Grooveaffiliate, Groovevideo, Grooveblog, Groovecalendar, Groovesurvey… Groove everything!
And all under ONE roof.
The creator of Kartra, Webinar Jam and Ever Webinar, Mike Filsaime and partners came up with this amazing new concept.
This is not a marketing company that does software… but a REAL SOFTWARE focused company that does marketing…
What I discovered is what you could call an opportunity of a lifetime.
First, and for a limited time you can open a free account for Lite Groovepages and groovesell.
But, and here comes the amazing deal…
For a small ONE TIME PAYMENT of USD$1897, or a commitment to purchase in up to 12 months,
Yes, that’s right… for LIFE.
For what you would pay for 6 months of ClickFunnels, you could own a BETTER SOFTWARE for Life.
What’s the catch, you’d ask?
Well… it’s patience… a little bit. Because they’re still in BETA testing and not fully launched.
They’re functional now… just not at a 100%. Every day they’re adding new things.
But again, that’s the opportunity. Sooner than later they’ll go to the regular USD$ 300 monthly plans the industry uses and you’ll kick yourself if you didn’t take advantage of this opportunity RIGHT NOW!
Oh… and also, there’s a way that you could even get the TOTAL cost of the program for free and taken care of…
But that’s something we can talk about later.
For now, take advantage of this offer, open your free account with the link below.
Or, if you’re an advanced user, you’ll see the value once you’re 15 minutes in and you’ll decide, like me, that it’s a NO BRAINER, so you’ll also find the LIFETIME DEAL link under this video.
Imagine… not having to pay monthly fees ever again… forever…
How does that make you feel?. I’m sure you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Check it out by yourself and compare.
And just do the math.
Have a great day.



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