Data Entry Bangla Tutorial | Outsourcing Bangla Tutorial | Make Money Online | Part-1

Data Entry is a computer that transmits certain types of data from one place / program to another in another program / program. Data may be typed into a handwritten information on a computer or stored in a spreadsheet file for a program on a computer.

Where to find:
Data entry works are available on the site of the Common Freelance Outsourcing Marketplace. There are many types of websites that are said to provide a huge amount of data entry work. But there is a fixed fee to register on that site. Since before registering you do not know whether there is really work available on that site, it is best to refrain from registering on such site. There are sites where data entry work is available through free registration –,,,,

In the video I have tried to explain to you, that you can work on data entry as you learn what. That is, in order to work on data entry, what do you need to learn, what to qualify, etc. Hopefully by watching the video carefully and listening to the words you will get a better idea of how the data entry works.

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