EARN $210 in 60 Seconds WATCHING VIDEOS ONLINE? Make Money Online Worldwide 2020 (TRUTH REVEALED!)

Can you really earn EARN $210 in 60 Seconds WATCHING VIDEOS ONLINE?
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A lot of YouTubers including Big Mark, Branson Tay, Smart Money Tactics and Investor are giving you huge claims. They say things like

“This app will pay you $600 today for free!”
“Get $420 in 8 minutes!”
“Earn $30 per hour watching videos!”
“Make $450 Per Day With Google Translate!”

When you see those huge promises like “Earn $210 in 60 seconds!” you must know what they mean with those videos. First of all, 99% of their claims are simply lies.

Then their videos fall into 4 different categories:

1. They Just Put the Numbers to Get Viewers.

It isn’t related to anything they teach. They say, “Make $974 in 5 minutes” and they keep on telling these huge promises.

Then they show a way how you can make $5 per day if you are lucky. And in the end they promote their own program.

2. They Promote a Ponzi Scheme / Scam.

You can make money fast but it’s ILLEGAL.

Most biggest make money online YouTubers don’t promote but some do. For example, several Filipino YouTubers and Ryan Hildreth have been promoting Ponzi schemes.

3. Someone Made Money Because He Was Lucky (lottery example)

You can play the lottery and win $1,000,000.

Would you then create a video with a title “EARN $1,000,000 in 1 minute! Make Money Online Worldwide”?

4. Someone Earned That Money After Putting in the Work Beforehand.

For example, I have a video where I show how I made $3,000 in 1 day from Legendary Marketer. And then I explain in the video how I did it and how much work it required.

NOTE! In none of these scenarios a complete beginner will make that money what they promise over and over again without work.

You can make money if you follow a proven method but it will require work. 90% of the methods that those make money online YouTubers are showing are simply garbage.


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3. Focus on that and stop chasing shiny objects.

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