Facebook Ads + Landing Page Review (Complete Funnel Analysis) | Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2021

Watch us dissect a REAL facebook ad funnel from ad to landing page & checkout process, plus show you what working and what isn’t. Accelerate your facebook ads strategy in 2021 by watching this video 🤑

We’ll show you landing pages that convert, real landing page examples, and best practices when running facebook ads for beginners. Follow along as we walk you through step-by-step how to write/edit your ad copy, use engaging creative, and build a landing page that converts.

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0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Your Chance to Win a Live Funnel Review
1:02 – Facebook Ad Example (Ad Copy and Creative Review)
2:22 – Facebook Ad Tip #1 – Don’t Duplicate Copy and Campaigns Across Channels
3:34 – Facebook Ad Tip #2 – Create Consistent Headlines from Ad to Lander
5:40 – Landing Page Example (Full Breakdown and Review)
6:37 – Facebook Ad Tip #3 – Bridge the Gap Between Ad and Lander w/ Content
7:58 – Facebook Ad Tip #4 – Ask Qualifying Questions to Your Buyers
9:09 – Facebook Ad Tip#5 – Use Strong/Actionable Words for CTAs
10:06 – Facebook Ad Tip #6 – Pricing Matters!
10:29 – Facebook Ad Tip #7 – Use FAQ Sections
11:46 – Check Out Process
12:55 – Facebook Ad Tip #8 – Add Testimonials and Order Bumps to Order Form
13:56 – Full Recap

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