Google Ads Affiliate Marketing Tips and TRUTHS!

Google Ads Affiliate Marketing Tips and TRUTHS!

Google Ads provides probably the highest quality of traffic out there. You’re targeting people based on exactly what they are looking for right now! So it pretty much works for any product or service out there.

However when it comes to affiliate marketing, is Google Ads effective at generating traffic and sales at a low enough cost to make affiliate sale commissions worthwhile?

Well in this video we are going to understand how to use Google Ads effectively for affiliate marketing and even answer the question of whether or not you should even use Google Ads for affiliate marketing.

Let’s jump straight in and understand the objective of generating traffic with affiliate marketing

You need traffic that fits these 2 criteria

– cheap (better yet, free)
– relevant

So through the lens of these 2 criteria lets look at Google Ads as an affiliate traffic source.

Firstly, is Google Ads free? Well we all know the answer to that, nope!

Is it even cheap traffic? Not at all. Because the number of people looking for a particular product or service right now is very narrow in comparison to an entire market. Meaning the auction is very competitive and we know costs per click are increasing year over year

So is Google Ads affiliate marketing something you should do?

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