Google Shopping Ads Tutorial 2021 | Google Shopping Ads For Affiliate marketing [Complete Course]


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Are you looking for a Google Shopping Ads tutorial for your eCommerce store, dropshipping website, or affiliate marketing?

You’re at the right place because it’s a complete step-by-step Google Shopping Ads Tutorial from beginners to advanced level.

Watch the video till the end without skipping it, so you can set up your Google Shopping Ads in no time.

I will also be covering, how to optimize Google Shopping Ads in the same tutorial.

0:00 – Google Shopping Ads Introduction
01:50 – Creating a Google Ads account
02:59 – Setting up a Google merchant account
16:20 – Connecting Google Merchant Center & Google Ads
17:38 – Creating Google shopping ads campaign
23:18 – Importance of Goog;e Shopping Ads

Step 1: Setting up a Google Ads account

The first thing you have to do to get started is to create a Google Ads account before you proceed to create Google Shopping ads, so go to, and set up your account.

Don’t create any campaign in your Google Ads account, Just switch to expert mode. Because we need to set up Google Merchant Account before creating any Google Ads campaign.

Once you create an account on Google Ads, jump on to 2nd step in this Google Shopping Ads tutorial.

Step 2: Setting up a Google merchant account

That’s the main part – setting up the merchant center account, adding products, product descriptions, etc.

Select Google Merchant Center under Tools from Google Ads dashboard to integrate with Google Ads, and then just go along and fill the blank. For example, adding the tax rates, shipping, products, etc.

After filling in the blanks, just verify your website by adding the given code by Google to your website. Without verifying your website, you cannot add the products to your Google merchant center.

You have few options to add the products to your Google merchant center, like one-by-one (it’s very easy if you have only a few products to list), upload the data feed, or use an excel sheet.

You have to add the products manually, so please be patient and work carefully in adding your products to the Google merchant center.

If you’re not sure, what to add in which column then open the excel sheet provided by Google and check it properly that what exactly you need to write for each of the columns.

Once you add all the product information in the excel sheet, go back to your Google merchant center and click on FETCH SHEET, so Google updates your added sheet. It will take some time for your products to be added successfully to the merchant center.

After adding everything, just link your Google Merchant Center account with your Google Ads account by going under Settings – Linked accounts.

Now, let’s go on almost to the last step of Google Shopping Ads tutorial 2021.

Step 3: Creating Google shopping ads

Once you have done everything like, adding shipping, taxes, verifying your website, adding products integrating Google Ads + your merchant center, now it’s time to create ads inside the dashboard of your Google Ads.

Click +(plus sign) and select “New campaign”, select “Website traffic” for the objective, and then select “Shopping” for the campaign type.

You will see your Merchant Center account name if you have linked the Google Ads with your merchant center correctly. After that, select the country where products are sold.

And rest are the normal campaign setting like your campaign name, budget, bid, targeted country, etc.

You don’t have the option to add “keywords” or “ads” with this google Shopping Ads display format. Google will decide everything based on your products and category to find the right audience.

Step 4: Overview of the campaign

It’s the last part of this Google Shopping Ads tutorial 2021.

Check the left-hand side option, such as the devices used, search terms used, products, etc. Make sure to use the Negative keywords to optimize your Google Shopping Ads campaign.

That’s it for the Google Shopping Ads tutorial 2021!

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