Groovepages Affiliate – Why it’s a Better Affiliate Program Than Clickfunnels or Kartra

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In a moment I’m going to tell you all about Groovepages affiliate program and why it’s a better affiliate program than both Clickfunnels and Kartra!

Groovepages affiliate program really sets itself apart from any other program available right now.  The main reason is first of all if you take advantage of their lifetime access deal (and upgrade to Groove Funnels full suite), you will get 40% commission on all their products and this is great because these will be recurring commissions you can get for simply promoting their platform. 

You will also get 10% for their 2nd tier program… this means that if you refer somebody, you will get 40% and if they refer somebody, you will get an additional 10% off of their referrals. Now don’t worry even if you don’t upgrade, you can still be an affiliate and earn 20% commissions on your referrals and 5% on your downline.

The next thing that makes Groove funnels unique when it comes to their affiliate program is that they do not use cookies to track your sales… instead, they use a new technology that basically locks you in — Mike Filsaime the co-founder of Groove Digital and Grove funnels explains it like this… If you refer anyone with your affiliate link, they are essentially hard coded with a parent-child relationship, which means their account is tagged for you for life. They are locked on to you forever! This is something that Clickfunnels or Kartra does not do.

This means you only need to get people to sign up for the free account (they pay nothing) and if they decide to upgrade at any point down the road, you still get commission.

Another great thing about Groove funnel affiliate program is that it converts at an amazon 20%, this means that 1 out of 5 people that sign up will actually upgrade!

Another great reason to promote Groove funnels as an affiliate is because the creators of Groove funnels want to see this thing go viral and they have made it easy to do so…

They are basically giving away their $99 per month software away for free – anyone that has a need to build web pages or funnels can get this for free…
so this really gets people in the door and then its very easy for them to upgrade at some point down the road. 

This platform is on track to overtake Clickfunnels and I believe it will do so in just a few short years (if not sooner). Mike filsaime who is a co-creator has an amazing track record for building software including Kartra, webinarjam and everwebinar and his mission is to make this the #1 funnel builder on the planet. 

So goahead sign up below for your free account and you will automatically be signed up and approved for groovepages affiliate program. If you like this video, please subscribe to my channel and hit the notify bell so you can be alerted to my upcoming videos, which I am releasing regularly. 

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