How I Made over $18,000 From My Affiliate Marketing Business in A Few Month

Affiliate marketing is one of my favourite businesses, even more than amazon, print on demand… It’s because you are open to promoting so many different types of things and all the hard work is done for you!!

Check out this video to find out how much I made and which affiliate offers made me the most money and what I did to promote them!

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My name is Shimmy Morris, I’m currently 25 years old, and I’ve been interested in business since I was 12. I started selling in School; food, drinks, phones, etc… Then I moved onto bigger more expensive items with eBay. I always did side jobs during school as well, like photography, editing, etc.
At age 18 I started Print on Demand, my first business. I was hugely successful in this business and it kickstarted what was to come. I sold over $70k worth of apparel in a very short space of time. I moved into Amazon FBA and creating real scalable brands. My Amazon Business just passed a huge milestone of $500k which is just massive for me!
I started private coaching/consulting a few years ago and I was told I was pretty good at teaching which is what inspired me to start this Youtube channel and create my first course which was an Amazon FBA Course, which now has over 200 students who love it!

A bit about me not business-related. I’m incredibly sporty and love being active… Snowboarding, mountain biking, football, basketball, table tennis, you name it, I probably do it! As well as that, I love photography and specifically travel photography. Above all else, I’m a proper petrolhead and like the occasional electric car too.

That’s me! I’d love to hear about you, this channel is a two-way thing, I love seeing comments and learning about my viewers so feel free to drop it in the comments, or DM me on insta 😀

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