How Influencers Make Money On Instagram and Blog | Earning Money Online As An Influencer

💴 Making Money Online Through Instagram and Blogging

👋🏾 @colormecourtney is my full time job (for 5+ years) here’s how I pay the billllz

💰 I have about 10 income streams but here are the main 5: C A A S H

C – creation of product like my cobranded creations or colormemerch!
A – affiliate marketing, where I earn a small commission from sharing the products I love at no charge to you
A – ambassadorships & long term partnerships with brands
S – sponsorships or paid ad creation for brands, half of these I pitch to brands directly while half approach me. Overall these investments make up 20% of my content (or less) & the rest I create for free
H – hosting, speaking on panels, coaching & live (or virtual) events

I did a super detailed breakdown of each of these on my blog if you’re looking to create full time or just nosy 🥰♥️✨

👇🏾 did ya learn anything ?? Xo

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