How To Angle A Section or Row In ClickFunnels | Cool Design Features For Sales Funnels

In this video, I will show you how to angle a section or row to the degree that you want using ClickFunnels and CSS coding.

I spent hours learning how to get this cool feature on one of my ClickFunnels pages so I hope this is helpful and saves you some time if you are looking to upgrade the design in your funnels. Using ClickFunnels is easy and you can do a lot of cool things but it’s just learning about how to make the page work for you!

I use custom CSS coding in the video but anyone can learn how to do it! It is not necessary but can really bring a new aesthetic to your sales page.

Here is the code mentioned in the video:

#section–53290-130-174 {
transform: skewY(6deg)
#section–12508 {
transform: skewY(-6deg)

(replace your row and images CSS ID SELECTOR with the above)

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