How to Become Rich in GTA 5 Online in 1 Day

how to become rich in GTA 5 online in 1 day! GTA V online has evolved in a way that new GTA v players can become rich in GTA 5 online in one day. To become rich in 1 day you will have to have a plan. This is a guide to help GTA 5 players easily become rich step by step in GTA Online. The 1st day in GTA 5 is important we will start from level zero without any money or perks!
So let’s get rich fast in GTA V online!

This will be part of my RAGS TO RICHES series (Part 1):

How to Become Rich in GTA 5 Online (Day 1)

Step 1: Rob Covinece store
This will allow you to get some quick money so you can proceed to the next step. You will only need to rob one to get $1000. You will only be spending $500 in the next step.

Step 2: Go to Diamond Casino
Here you will be placed in a lengthy cutscene after which you should use your money to buy a casino membership for $500. This membership will allow you to spin the wheel. You must spin the wheel every day to win need prices that include cars and money right off the bat. lastly trade in your new casino chips that came with your membership. This will make your $500 purchase profitable by $5500.

Step 3: Golden Revolver Treasure hunt:
This is an elaborate way to become rich fast on GTA 5 online for new players. This takes around 30 min to 1hr to complete.
The first step is to check your email inbox on your phone for the 1st clue. obtain the first clued and follow the rest of the free mode mission. You will then have to ensure you have linked your account to the social club if you haven’t done so already. Then get 50 headshots with the pistol in free mode (Cops are the best target). Then you will be reward with a lump sum of money.

Step 4: Midnight Slasher
You will have to scout for the 1st clue I recommend the cherry pie farm to start. Once you find all the clues you will then be able to get a text from the slasher (Note the last clue is a random spawn). Then go-to the large airport sandy shores and wait with a shotgun. The slasher will attempt to kill you after 19:00 GTA 5 time. Kill the slasher and you will get the navy revolver. Kill 50 targets with this to receive even more GTA 5 money fast.

Step 5: Stone Hatchet Bounty Hunting
Look in your texts Maude texts you with a bounty hunter offer read this text then wait for the 1st target’s info. Find and kill the target and repeat 5 times. Then collect the hatchet and get 50 kills once again giving you a huge amount of cash.

Step 6: Register as a VIP:
Register as a VIP in the interaction menu. Then RENT BUZZARD FOR 25K. Use it to complete headhunter then sightseers. Cycle this until buzzard dies to make a couple thousand for weapons. Go to Ammunation and buy the following weapons:
Carbone rifle
Mini SMG
Pipe bombs
Marksman rifle
Homing launcher

Step 7: Flight School
Complete all 10 Flight School lessons which can be found at LSIA.
Gold gives $10k (Only 10k the first time you get gold) The goal is to get gold on 5-10 of the lessons to make anywhere between 50k-100k. This is beneficial because you will make good money and learn to fly.

Step 8: Become a CEO:
Buy a CEO office through the dynasty 8 executive website on the GTA v internet app through your phone. Maze bank west is $1,000,000 and is the best option for beginning players. Do not buy any upgrades as they are not useful for new players. be sure to name your organization.

Step 8 A (optional)
Buy an apartment and bait 801 for transportation

Step 9: Get a JOB
Go and complete the 2x money jobs for this week. Grind these out until you have anywhere between 250k-300k. You could opt-in for Headhunter and sightseer back to back, but I do not recommend this when just beginning

Step 10: Your 1st business (Becoming Rich)
Buy a Small crate warehouse (Convenience store lockup) this is the cheapest start up option. you can buy the warehouse from the CEO office special cargo page. Buy / source 3 crates at a time from the office ($18000)
Deliver crates to the warehouse and complete headhunter or sightseer
Loop this process over and over until you have 15 crates (5 missions). Then
sell all 15 crates making you $225000 assuming no 2x money.

This is how to become rich in GTA V 5 online on day 1



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