Iiiiiiinnnnn this video I share 17 tips and ideas on how to find a good niche market. Maybe you’re looking to find a niche for your next affiliate marketing website or maybe you’re looking to find the perfect niche for a new content marketing website that’s monetised by ads, either way, these tips should help.

Things mentioned:

• Wikipedia hobbies page:
• Niche Finder Spreadsheet:
• Google Trends:


00:00 Introduction
01:32 Draw on your own experiences
03:14 Consider your own hobbies and interests
04:09 Check the Wikipedia hobbies page for inspiration
04:41 Check the Amazon commission rates
05:35 Dive deep into the Amazon categories
07:01 My Niche Research Template
08:27 Avoid YMYL Niches
09:39 Avoid niches with low value products
10:50 Be aware of niche seasonality
11:38 How broad can you go within the niche?
13:09 Look for other merchants you can promote
14:19 Check for digital and recurring products you can promote with the niche
14:58 Do you actually like the niche?
15:57 Researching content ideas on Google
17:23 Use Google trends to expand your research
18:51 Look for questions to inspire articles on other websites

The Tips:

– Coming up with ideas tips

1. Try and spot opportunities in your own experiences,
2. Consider your own interests and hobbies – your favourite TV show, sports etc
3. Check Wikipedia hobbies
4. Check the commission rates on Amazon (and other networks)
5. Dive deep into the categories on Amazon

– Niche Choice Tips

1. Avoid YMYL Niches
2. Avoid Low prices products niches
3. Be aware of seasonality – check google trends
4. Go broad or tight? Both can work but one is more scaleable
5. Look for merchants you can promote other than amazon that may poor more
6. Is there an opportunity to promote digital products – software – ebooks –
7. Is there an opportunity to promote recurring products
8. Do you like the niche? Are you interested in it? If you’re not and you’re going to writing the content you could give up pretty quickly

– Content Ideas Research

1. Use Google – look for gaps or underserved topics
2. Use Google trends – is it in decline or growing
3. Check Google search suggestions and the “people also ask section”
4. Check questions on amazon

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