How to Make $1,000 Per Day w/ Bing Ads & Affiliate Marketing 🤑

In this video I am going to show you 6 helpful tips that have got me to $1,000 per day with Bing Ads and Affiliate Marketing. You can implement these tips into your own campaigns TODAY to help you start making money online with affiliate marketing.

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Here’s a brief overview of the 6 tips:

🌟 Tip #1: Find High Converting Offers 🌟

The best & simplest way to find high converting affiliate marketing offers is to just ask you affiliate manager what types of products are converting best for ____ traffic source. Another good strategy is to split test offers!

🌟 Tip #2: Spy on Other Affiliates 🌟

With Bing Ads you can spy for free using a manual method. Simply type in a related phrase for the offer your promoting and see the top search results and click their ad to see what type of landers they are using.

You can also use a paid spy tool like AdSpy. AdSpy is a Facebook Ads spy tool BUT you can use this to see what’s working on FB Ads get ideas from those landers & use it as inspiration for your own! You can get a free AdSpy Trial and $75 OFF your first month with the coupon code: KODYKNOWS 👉

🌟 Tip #3: Imitate Then Innovate 🌟

After you get done spying you can “ethically swipe” your competitors landing pages. But don’t just stop there… Make other variations of the OG lander and test new Headlines, Images, CTA’s, Colors, etc… You should ALWAYS be running LP split tests!

🌟 Tip #4: Track Your Campaigns & Optimize 🌟

I’ve been using Voluum to track my Bing Ads affiliate marketing campaigns. I love this tracker because it makes analyzing data incredibly easy!

Once you start spending some money and collecting data, you need to start making data informed decisions. Examples: if some keywords are costing you money w/ no results add them as negative keywords or if you find that computer traffic is 3X more profitable then mobile, adjust the bids for computer and mobile to optimize your campaign.

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🌟 Tip #5: Try “SKAG’s” 🌟

SKAGs stands for Single Keyword Ad Groups. In the video I cover an example for a diabetes offer. You could have one ad group for the following 4 keywords:

diabetes treatment
diabetes +treatment
“diabetes treatment”
[diabetes treatment]

By doing this I’ve seen my quality score become nearly perfect because my ads, keywords, and landing page are extremely relevant to the search term: diabetes treatment. The higher quality scores have resulted in higher positioning, lower average CPC, and increase ROI. If you haven’t tried SKAG’s yet I’d recommend it 🙂

🌟 Tip #6: TEST, TEST, TEST 🌟

I say this all the time on my channel. The best way to become successful with affiliate marketing is having the ability to test out many campaigns & offers! You need to be able to risk some money at the beginning testing out offers because it’ll come back once you find your winners!!!

I hope you got a lot of value from this video! If you did, please drop a like 🙂

Now get out there and start crushing some campaigns!!!

Peace ✌

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