How To Make $10K in a Month With a ClickFunnels Affiliate Program | Clickfunnels affiliate training

00:55 The Secret: How to become an outstanding affiliate marketer
04:11 How to find top Clickfunnels affiliates (those who are crushing it)
06:00 How to learn from the best
07:24 3 concepts of successful Clickfunnels affiliate strategy
07:26 Know your numbers (frontend and backend)
15:36 How to build an email list of your Clickfunnels referrals

How To Make $10K in a Month With a ClickFunnels Affiliate Program | Clickfunnels affiliate training

Links that were mentioned in this video:

1 Affiliate bootcamp (Clickfunnels’ affiliate free training):

2 Spencer’s case study:
“Success leaves clues” Tony Robbins

So if you study Tony Robbins you will learn this lesson.

And this means that no matter what you want to achieve – you can find successful people out there and study what they are doing.

So if you want to be a great affiliate marketer and be able to generate passive income with affiliate marketing you need to study people who are great at affiliate marketing.

The way to do it is to find those people (who are crushing Clickfunnels affiliate program) and start to really study those people.

One of those people is Spencer Mecham. And in this video we will study his strategy.

Another way to learn Clickfunnels affiliate marketing is to sign up for the “Affiliate training (bootcamp)”

In that training 15 top earners are sharing their strategies to promote Clickfunnels.
You can find it here:

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