How to make a REAL ClickFunnels evergreen timer

** ATT ClickFunnelers**

Does it bug the hell out of you that you can’t “really” create a proper Evergreen offer in ClickFunnels?

Sure, you can have a 15-minute tripwire, or some other super short countdown.

But you can’t do something like a 72-hour offer.. Which is what a lot of real, evergreen funnels need to be able to do!

ClickFunnels just doesn’t let you do that.

All because Clickfunnels does this weird thing where if people re-visit a page with a countdown timer on it (which they do often in a longer run offer), it either redirects them EVEN WHEN the countdown isn’t over…

Or worse… restarts the timer again.

So frustrating.

Especially when their standard response seems to be “just pay for MORE software please”

So, if you, like me, and many of my students, are just totally jack of not being able to create a real, proper, evergreen funnel in Clickfunnels, then click play now and check out my super quick tip (because we figured out how to do it… FREE!)

– This is the link you’ll need to make it happen –

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