How to Make Money by Selling Digital Products Online 2021 | 5 Best Digital Products to Sell

In this video, I talked with Aurelius from Australia about his journey of selling digital products online and how you can start selling digital products online in 2021.
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Aurelius talks about how to make money selling digital products online. He talks about the different types of digital products like courses, ebooks, planners, and best platforms you can use to start selling them, how to market your digital products and mistakes to avoid when getting started in this space.
The best part is that digital products can be scaled very well and it also becomes like a passive income source.

5 Passive Income Ideas:
Top 7 Skills of 2021:

0:00 – Video starts
0:45 – introduction
1:20 – how he started selling digital products online
3:50 – selling digital products vs physical products
5:10 – Sponsored by AppSumo
7:00 – Types of Digital Products You Can Sell
7:25 – what’s obvious to you might be amazing for others
8:20 – how to make money selling ebooks
8:50 – selling worksheets, planners
10:00 – selling an online course
12:00 – best platforms to use to sell digital products
14:00 – how to market your digital products
14:50 – create an email list
16:25 – paid advertising – facebook ads, google ads
17:50 – build an audience on youtube, instagram, linkedin
19:20 – how much can someone earn by selling digital products online
20:30 – outro

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