How To Make Money Online – ऑनलाइन पैसे कैसे कमाए | आसान तरीको से ऑनलाइन पैसे कैसे कमाए

How To Make Money Online – Easiest Way Of Making Money Online | Online Part Time Work
In This video we are going to explain 13+ ways to make money online here you will get complete details how you can make money online and what’s the easiest way of making money online .
here is the list of few of works which you can do for making money online
1) Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is the one on easiest way of making money online their are many eCommerce websites are available like amazon, snapdeal , ebay , Flipkart who is offering the affiliate marketing you can signup with any eCommerce website and advertise their products online if they get sell you will get commission amount on each selling .
2) Blogger
Blogger is the platform where you can make content as per your interest and share with the friends in your circle if people like your blogs article you can run adds on your blogs and make money online .
3) App Referrals earning
App Referral is the program many companies are offering the services like invite your friend and get money online by the help of this program you can share your installed apps with others if they install you will get money .
4) Build a website (website Development)
Their are many website builders are available like webly , google site , blogger and so many are their by the help of this website builders you can create website easily . without having any technical skill you can make website easily and you can sell website development services to others and make money online .
5) Sell Services Online
If you have some technical skill you can write articles content , or you can create videos , logo or any skill if you have you can sell online on fiver website and you can take money for selling services online this is the also easiest way of making money online .
6) Social media advertising SSM (social Media Marketing )
if you have large numbers of friend base on your social media pages or in your socials media accounts you can charge to the companies to post any advertising post on your wall . this is the easiest way to make money from facebook instagram or any social networks .
7) Money with Online Surveys
you can provide online suggestion to others and you can make online online many companies are their who are taking review , surbay online and giving money for each posting .
8) Online Video Tutorials
if you can teach you can make video tutorials and teach students around the world you can sell your courses on you tube & udmy and you can make money online .
9) Shorten URL Method
many time you see you are getting short url and when you click on that URL website is going on adds after you can view the content from that website their are so many shorten url websites are available who run adds on your URLS and giving you money for this .
10) Kindle Book Writing
kindle is the one of product which is designed by amazon for learning purpose where you can write books and informative things for the kindle users and you can sell your kindle books on amazon and make money online .
11) Buy Domain Sell Online
You Can buy the name which generally people are taking in use and you can wait for the buyers many times domains are selling on very high prices so when people connect you for selling your domain name you can charge amount as you want this is the also easiest way of making money online .
12) Buy & Sell Old Products
you can buy old products from OLX quicker some time people are selling many products in very low price just you need to find the sellers who is selling products in low price and you can take product and sell in market value this is the also easiest way of makeing money online .
13) YouTube
Now days Youtube is the one of most popular platform where you can upload your videos and enable adds on your video when people watch your video you will get money from youtube this is also one of easy way to make money online .

Here is the all the things which you can do for making money online by the help of this things you can easily make money online and this are the general things without having any technical knowledge you can also make money by the help of this task If you like this video & want our updates in Future Please subscribe Our Channel .
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