How To Make Money Online Playing Games – Full Tutorial

In today’s video, I made a full tutorial on how to make money online playing games, but the best part is, you can use other people’s clips and never have to play a game yourself! While others are grinding away playing games, you’re capitalizing on one of the fastest-growing niches on YouTube! You will need NO previous experience and NO investment. This video is extremely comprehensive and worth watching all the way. I leave timestamps below; this will also give you an idea of what is to be expected in the video. 🧠
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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
0:00 – What to expect in this video
0:47 – Picking the best game for this method
1:15 – How to find viral content/content creators
1:47 – How to reach out to creators
2:26 – The first important step to make this work – Voiceover
3:03 – The second important tip – Add educational value
3:24 – The third important step – Use snippets
4:33 – The best way to set up your intro
4:56 – How to get away with using clips you don’t have permission for
6:35 – Final Thoughts
🏆Reference Links 🏆
“Hey [Username], I came across your clip and im just reaching out to see if I can get your permission to use it in my upcoming video. I do gaming compilations and would like to feature you. I will be giving you full credit and include a link back to your channel. Please let me know, thanks.”

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