How to make money online using your cellphone


We have been talking about how to make money online, but we haven’t looked at making money on your phone in particular. In this video, I talk about three different categories that you can try out from all over Africa. It’s not always easy to find some “Make money online” formulars that work tfor Africa, but it’s always best to stay away from anything that takes to much time for little to no reward, is unreliable, unachievable or too scam-my. Let me know once you start making money on your mobile!

Some more detaills:

TEFL / TESOL certificate:

Reading books:

(I have tried this one)

Teaching a language:

User testing:

In general these might not make you enough money to break the bank, but they do fall into the “How to make money online using your cellphone” category and should help. Let me know if they work for you.

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Heard of a side hustle, main hustle or just plain hustle in general that you would like me to review? Leave me a comment and I will check it out🐣

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