How to Make Money Online with BITCOIN on PAXFUL. Make $100 – $300 a day with Paxful

I’m going to be showing you an easy and quick way for you to Make Money Online using Bitcoin with Paxful.

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This method involves using bitcoin trading site called Paxful. Don’t be worried if you don’t know too much about cryptocurrency, because it really is a very easy way to earn money as long as you follow along with the steps. You can use the link above to sign up for a Paxful account.

DISCLAIMER: This is a very simple way to make money using Bitcoin and Amazon, but please be sure not to abuse it. Please be aware of the risks to your Amazon account. I’ve heard stories of people making a lot of money with this strategy and Amazon got suspicious of their account.

Intro: (0:00)
Explanation: (1:44)
Getting started: (2:55)
Create an offer: (4:37)
Deposit BTC: (8:57)
Purchasing on Coinbase: (9:58)
After Depositing BTC: (10:45)
Finishing Trade Offer: (11:16)
Skip Self Promo, Offer Terms Explanation: (12:52)
Trade Walkthrough: (15:04)
Turning Amazon Credit into BTC/Cash: (18:44)
Profit Calculations: (23:16)
My Trade History: (24:12)
Outro: (24:59)

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