How to Make Money using Affiliate Marketing with Jesse Lakes, Geniuslink

Do you want to make money using Affiliate Marketing?
Do you want to grow your Revenue using Affiliate Marketing Strategies from the Experts?

In this interview, we’ll be talking with Jesse Lakes. Jesse is the Co-founder and head janitor of Geniuslink, as well as the recent recipient of, the platform for sharing the products you love. Jesse is also a twenty-year student of Amazon’s affiliate program and slow runner of long distances.

In this interview, we’re going to discuss…
1/ (Amazon) Affiliate + YouTube: Why you should do it. How to be smart about it.
2/ What’s a good first step in product recommendations + affiliate, that has SEO benefit.
3/ What is Geniuslink? What Value does it bring to Amazon links.

After this session, you’ll have more knowledge about…
1/ What is Amazon’s affiliate program (aka Associates)
2/ Why it should be an essential part of your monetization strategy.
3/ Some best practices with Amazon affiliate for Creators / YouTubers
4/ What is Kit and why it’s helpful.
5/ What is Geniuslink and why it’s helpful.

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