How To Negotiate Your Way to More Money – Advanced ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Learn how to negotiating traffic deals and earn more money! We’ll also cover how to not get burned by handshake deals at networking events…

How To Leverage JV Contracts:
“Value-Add Networking” podcast episode:

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Negotiating Traffic Deals
1:02 – Handshake Deals
1:48 – Better Questions and Follow Up
3:20 – Get a Deal in Writing
4:30 – Don’t Assume Things are Going Well
5:48 – Recap
6:36 – Outro

In this video, we’re going to be covering how to negotiate with affiliates or even if you’re an affiliate, how to negotiate back with vendors. Things you can do to secure traffic and not get frustrated with handshake deals.

Handshake deals happen at the networking events. Bad blood can come from it, disappointment happens, frustration on either side can happen. So, let’s just dive into on how to fix that moving forward for you if you’ve felt some of that before and what you can change.

And one of the big things here is from the start, some better questions to ask and follow up to do. Send them your calendar link, exchange contact info so you can do that and get on a dedicated time to really talk through what that test and send is going to be because if you don’t clarify these things, it likely won’t happen.

And this first part, a follow-up, is just good sales business development tactics. So set that calendar invite, get it on the books and then have a dedicated 15-30 minutes to really chew on the details of what this is going to look like.

Then in that call, you really want to hammer home you want to know the when, when can they send?What type of traffic do they have? How much traffic do they have? How many clicks are they going to send? How many clicks do they usually send to other offers like this? How much do they usually earn on average from their affiliate promotions? What kind of EPC do they usually get? All of these questions, you should be asking them when they start, let’s say there’s oh, I’m going to send next week and you’re looking at the traffic, nothing’s coming in.

The other thing you can really do is actually is you can pen a deal, you can have a little contract going. Agree to it, agree to terms. And like I mentioned there, follow before they say they’re going to send, remind them, get them the assets they need again, make it really easy for them to get the assets from you, all that kind of stuff. Do everything you can to make it as easy as possible for that affiliate to send traffic your way.

And a little tip here, don’t assume things are going well. You shouldn’t be assuming if you do this question asking beforehand, but if you are reaching out to go, “Oh my gosh, it looks like it’s going great,” and it’s actually underperforming for them, egg on your face, it’s going to be an awkward conversation.

Get into their autoresponder, get on their thank you pages, you can further that deal more because you’ve just shown that you’re out converting what they typically do because you collect that information before they sent. And now you can negotiate from a position of power and really get into there and secure more traffic from them for the longterm.

Because something I want you to remember here getting affiliate traffic, it can be tough, let’s call it what it is, but what’s even harder is to secure affiliate traffic longterm because affiliates will test and they’ll find something better and they’ll test that. So when you have something jamming with them, you really want to make it lucrative for both parties, keep them engaged, keep them sending longterm and all that kind of stuff.

You want to ask the good questions on that initial call that’s dedicated, you don’t want to rely on the handshake deals. Get on that first call, set clear expectations on both sides, monitor how it’s going, follow up before it happens and reach out on either way. If it’s going well, if it’s going average, if it’s going great, you want to be following up during that testing phase for them to make sure they have what they need and then secure long-term traffic from them.

And something you can do with these negotiations for long-term traffic is leverage ClickBank’s joint venture functionality where you can split money between accounts in unique ways. We’ve got a video on that, we’ll link to it in one of these tile sections here, you can go check that out. It’s a great way that people leverage to get even more money out of the ClickBank marketplace and more money flowing and deals happening. It’s a great power feature to use.

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