How To Setup A Free Plus Shipping Offer Using ClickFunnels

Have you seen those free plus shipping book funnels that ClickFunnels puts together? Ever wondered how they get them setup so sweetly, elegantly, so professionally? This video will walk you through the setup, and let me tell you something, it will be super – super duper I say…..

In order to pull off the hat trick I show in this video, you will need an account with a third party app service called CFProTools who I will link to below, and a primary account with ClickFunnels.

Some of the limitations of ClickFunnels are overcome by using the third party scripts offered by CFProTools and the 3 procedures on how to set this up may include these third party scripts. Actually method 2 and 3 require third party scripts – method 1 is super simple and does not require any third party script.

Get CFProTools here:

And save yourself $800 and get 6 months of ClickFunnels (think of this as the hidden value meal of ClickFunnels) by clicking here:

If you haven’t participated in a OneFunnelAway Challenge, yet, let the OFA team hold your feet to the fire while you get this all setup:

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