How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Malaysia

Hei guys , in this video , i will be sharing on how you can start affiliate marketing online business in Malaysia
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Hei guys how is things going. In this video I will talk about how you can start a Affiliate marketing Business In Malaysia , which include where to apply for affiliate programme in Malaysia and also ways to promote your affiliate business .

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Before we start , I know that it is a tough time to all of us because of the recent corona virus outbreak .please take good care , make sure you check out my page ,to get the best hand sanitizer to protect you and your family .

Affiliate marketing products generally can be divided into 2 groups physical and digital products.
Physical products will be like selling laptop , household products, t-shirt pretty much anything physical that a human being will use throughout their life .
Next digital products , can be online courses , seminars , software and also ebook or audiobook .

Now , lets look at where we can find these affiliates products to sell ?
Before we do that , I would just quickly list out the top 5 in my opinion the best niche to go after.
1)Fitness and health
2)Dating and relationship
3)Investment and cryptocurrency
4)Money making niche

So those are the top 5 niche that you can go with .
OK now , lets start .
To get digital products ,
You can go to these below website :
1)Clickbank the famous one
3)Commision junction
If you are looking at to promote local malaysia products or company
You can go with involve asia and also accesstrade . Both invole asia and accesstrade is very identical .Is just that accesstrade is new in Malaysia they are originally from Japan .
Next , if you are looking at selling physical products, you can go for
1)Shopee,lazda affiliate programme which you can apply through involve asia or accesstrade
2)Amazon affiliate programme is a good one as well.

Now , how do I generate traffic to my affiliate products?
I have tried multiple ways to generate organic traffic (free traffic ) to my affiliate products , I found below is the best way with my small amount of followers , new website and pretty much as a begginer .

1)If you are promoting online course , blogging is the best .Write review about the courses that you are promoting and also do a comparison with others courses.
For an example , my website is promoting life coaching courses from udemy and clickbank , recently I have uploaded about 10 new articles on it , hopefully can see some great result .
In this website , all I talk about is life coaching and others similiar topic .

2)If you are promoting software , like get response email marketing software , shopify just any software , create a couple of free course and upload it on udemy .By far this works on me .

For example , this shopify course that I created year ago , where I create a free course about shopify , it still driving traffic to my affiliate link , but it is not as good as before , maybe I need to create a feel more.
3)If you are promoting physical goods , youtube review and blogging will works for a begginer as well .
I created a website solely on selling catfood products ,and I spent about 2k in building this website . This website is affiliated with shopee and lazada .
The thing about applying affilaite programe with shopee and lazada with involve asia is that , shopee and lazada will pay involve asia a certain amount of adsvertising budget to run on involve asia. However , when the budget capped , whatever sales that make with your website or the link that you are promoting will not generate you any money . So , just be careful about this.

How fast can I see my first sales?
As a begginer myself , my first sales came in after 3 months of article posting on psychodemy where I sell online courses affiliated with udemy.

Does Affiliate Marketing Still Works in 2020
Well , it does works for sure , but if compare with 10 years back , it is getting more challenging and to earn some money , you really have to work your ass off.

So That is it for now ,do comment below if you want to learn anything particularly about affilaite marketing , and I will do my best to help you up.Do not forget to subscribe to my youtube channel.
PLease take good care guys .my name is weng honn , thanks for watching.

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