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How do you use ClickFunnels for local business? Funnels for local businesses are absolutely a necessary part of marketing local businesses, but too many don’t have funnels and don’t use ClickFunnels.

The first component about using ClickFunnels for local business is understanding what your main offer is. Free offers are always great, and tend to work really well when you can offer a free service. That should be the second funnel step when using ClickFunnels for local business.

Try driving traffic straight to your offer page, but also be prepared to create a pre-framing piece of content that can go in front of your offer to help filter out only the absolute best customers and clients.

Then the first funnel step is a blog post that you can host inside ClickFunnels or with your own website. This content should be something that your ideal customer will want to read to become educated, but that not everybody who might claim your offer would want to read.

This combination is what will make you successful using ClickFunnels for local business.

Then on the third funnel step, you should either create some kind of urgency to get leads to act immediately, or you need to inform them of the exact next steps so they are ready to take action in accordance with the steps you outline.

Using ClickFunnels for Local Business is not an impossible task, and you should definitely be doing it!

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