I Paid Fiverr to Make Money Online For Me 😱 (Affiliate Marketing Case Study)

In this video I show you a FULL case study on how I paid 3 Fiverr sellers to make money online for me with affiliate marketing.

For this case study I decided to go with ClickBank as my affiliate marketing network. I chose the top 3 Gravity offers at this time which were: (1) Custom Keto Diet, (2) Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic, and (3) Resurge.

I found three Fiverr sellers that had decent ratings / reviews and placed an order with all three. The total cost of these Fiverr orders was $5, $10, and $10 ($25… but more with the fiverr fees)

After 3 days all of the orders were completed and there was some comical problems throughout the time ranging from instant upsells to sellers changing the link without telling me 😂

All in all, I think these types of Fiverr gigs aren’t worth the money because if their service was so great they’d be doing it themselves with their own affiliate links.

The only potential in my opinion is on the sellers end. At the end of the video I talk about how I first got started making money online when I was 15/16 or so… I’d post Fiverr gigs saying:

“I will promote your MMO website to 150,000 facebook users for $5”

For every order, I’d take their website / affiliate link and get to posting in the groups and screenshotting proof that I posted. It was a great & FREE way to start making money online and it’s worth a try if you don’t have a budget for paid ads…

In the video I referenced 2 in depth affiliate marketing case studies… Here they are:

(1) My Bing Ads Direct Linking Case Study ($160 on day 1) 👉

(2) My Facebook Ads Affiliate Marketing Case Study 👉

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